Tis time; descend
Kunstverein Biberach
Dr. Uwe Degreif

I would like to start with a quote from the artist. She said about her work: “I often deal with the question: How much has to be done so that a motif can be recognized? When does the clay cease to be a formless lump? I explore sculptural problems, such as how to show movement in a sculpture or how to show the sensitivity and strength of an organic form…(more)

Serious Play
Author – Karin Schulze
Catalogue Text

If there is one thing that connects the work shown in the exhibition “Serious Play” by Lucy Teasdale and Michael Markwick, it is perhaps the playful yet serious attempt to evoke dynamics, while using mediums that are motionless in themselves. The sculptor Lucy Teasdale approaches this task … (more)

Balancing Act
Author – Johanne Kristensen
Catalogue text 2015

A tennis player reaches his arm high above his head; balancing in the air, bent backwards, every part of his body is prepared to focus all its energy on one forceful stroke of the racquet. Another tennis player has lost his balance and lies, defeated, on the ground.Translating two dimensional sport photography, like the scenes described, into three dimensional sculptures… (more)